Support Staff Members

Policy Last Updated
4111 Creating Positions
4124 Employment Contract
4125 Employment of Support Staff Members
4126 Certain Noninstructional Employees Not Tenured
4130 Assignment and Transfer
4140 Termination
4145 Layoffs
4146 Nonrenewal of Nontenured Support Staff Employment Contracts
R4146 Nonrenewal of Nontenured Support Staff Employment Contracts
4150 Discipline
R4150 Discipline
4151 Assessment of Pay
4152 Freezing Wages
4159 Support Staff Member/School District Reporting Responsibilities
4160 Physical Examination
R4160 Physical Examination
4161 Examination for Cause
4211.3 Consulting Outside the District
4212 Attendance
4214 Conflict of Interest
4215 Code of Ethics
4218 Substance Abuse
R4218 Substance Abuse
4219 Commercial Driver's License Controlled Substance and Alcohol Use Testing
4220 Employee Evaluation
4230 Outside Activities
R4230 Outside Activities
4233 Political Activities
R4233 Political Activities
4240 Employee Training
4250 Hours and Days of Work
4281 Inappropriate Staff Conduct
R4281 Inappropriate Staff Conduct
4282 Use of Social Networking Sites
4283 Electronic Communications Between Support Staff Members and Students
4321 Acceptable Use of Computer Network(s)/Computers and Resources by Support Staff Members
R4321 Acceptable Use of Computer Networks/Computers and Resources By Support Staff Members
4322 Staff Member's Use of Cellular Telephones
4323 Use of District Cell Phones
4324 Right of Privacy - Support Staff Members
4340 Grievance
4351 Healthy Workplace Environment
4352 Sexual Harassment
R4352 Sexual Harassment of Support Staff Members Complaint Procedure
4360 Support Staff Member Tenure
4381 Protection Against Retaliation
4413 Overtime Compensation
4425 Work Related Disability Pay
R4425.1 Modified Duty Early Return to Work Program - Support Staff Members
4431 Family Leave
4432 Sick Leave
4432.3 New Jersey's Family Leave Insurance Program
R4432 Sick Leave
4433 Vacations
4437 Military Leave
4438 Jury Duty
R4440 Travel Expenses