Policy Last Updated
9100 Public Relations
9110 Quality Assurance Annual Report
9120 Public Relations Program
R9120 Public Information Program
9130 Public Complaints and Grievances
R9130 Public Complaints and Grievances
9140 Citizens Advisory Committees
R9140 Citizens Advisory Committee
9141 Student Representatives to the Board of Education
9150 School Visitors
R9150 School Visitors
9160 Public Attendance at School Events
9161 Crowd Control
R9161 Crowd Control
9162 Athletic Code of Conduct
9180 School Volunteers
R9180 School Volunteers
9181 Volunteer Athletic Coaches and Co-Curricular Activity Advisors/Assistants
9190 Community Organizations
R9190 Community Organizations
9191 Booster Clubs
9200 Cooperation Between Parents and School
9210 Parent Organizations
9230 Parental Responsibilities
9240 Rights of Parents
9260 Parental Liability for Vandalism
9270 Home Schooling and Equivalent Education Outside the Schools
R9270 Home Schooling and Equivalent Education Outside the Schools
9280 Parent Conferences
9320 Cooperation with Law Enforcement Agencies
R9320 Law Enforcement Agencies
9323 Notification of Juvenile Offender Case Disposition
9324 Sex Offender Registration and Notification
R9324 Sex Offender Registration and Notification
9340 Cooperation With Public Library
9400 News Media Relations
9500 Relations with Educational Institutions
9541 Student Teachers/Interns
9550 Educational Research Projects
R9550 Relations with Education Research and Service Centers
9560 Administration of School Surveys
9700 Special Interest Groups
9713 Recruitment by Special Interest Groups
9720 Solicitations by Vendors