Policy Last Updated
2110 Philosophy of Education/District Mission Statement
2131 Educational Goals
2132 School District Objectives
2200 Curriculum Content
R2200 Curriculum Content
2210 Curriculum Development
2220 Adoption of Courses of Study
2230 Course Guides
R2230 Course Guides
2240 Controversial Issues
2260 Affirmative Action Program for School and Classroom Practices
R2260 Affirmative Action Program for School and Classroom Practices Complaint Procedure
2270 Religion in the Schools
2320 Independent Study Programs
2330 Homework
R2330 Homework
2340 Field Trips
R2340 Field Trips
2360 Use of Technology
2361 Acceptable Use of Computer Network/Computers and Resources
R2361 Acceptable Use of Computer Network/Computers and Resources
2363 Pupil Use of Privately Owned Technology
2411 Guidance Counseling
R2411 Guidance and Counseling
2412 Home Instruction
2412.1 Homebound
R2412 Home Instruction Due to Health Condition
2414 Programs and Services for Pupils in High Poverty and in High Need School Districts
R2414 At Risk Pupils
2415 No Child Left Behind Programs
2415.01 Academic Standards, Academic Assessments and Accountability
2415.02 Title I - Fiscal Responsibilities
2415.03 Highly Qualified Teachers
2415.04 Title I - Parental Involvement
2415.05 Pupil Surveys, Analysis and/or Evaluations
2415.06 Unsafe School Choice Option
2415.20 No Child Left Behind Complaints
R2415.20 No Child Left Behind Complaints
R2415 Title I Services
2416 Programs for Pregnant Pupils
2417 Pupil Intervention and Referral Services
2421 Vocational Education
2422 Health and Physical Education
2423 Bilingual and ESL Education
R2423 Bilingual and ESL Education
2425 Physical Education
2426 Study Skills
2428.1 Standards-Based Instructional Priorities
2430 Co-Curricular Activities
R2430 Co-Curricular Activities
2431 Athletic Competition
R2431.1 Athletic Emergency Procedures
R2431.2 Medical Examination to Determine Fitness for Participation in Athletics
2431.3 Practice and Pre-Season Heat-Acclimation for Interscholastic Athletics
2431.4 Prevention and Treatment of Sports-Related Concussions and Head Injuries
R2431.4 Prevention and Treatment of Sports-Related Concussions and Head Injuries
2432 School Sponsored Publications
R2432 School Sponsored Publications
2435.1 Student Random Alcohol and Drug Testing
2436 Activity Participation Fee Program - Pay to Participate
2440 Summer School
2452 Community Education
2460 Special Education
R2460.16 Special Education - Instruction Material to Blind or Print-Disabled Pupils
R2460.1 Special Education - Location, Identification, and Referral
R2460.7 Special Education - Free and Appropriate Public Education
R2460.8 Special Education - Free and Appropriate Public Education
R2460.9 Special Education - Transition From Early Intervention Programs to Preschool Programs
R2460 Special Education
2461 Special Education/Receiving Schools
R2461.01 Special Education/Receiving Schools - IEP Implementation
R2461.02 Special Education/Receiving Schools - Suspension/Expulsion
R2461.03 Special Education/Receiving Schools - Pupil Records
R2461.05 Special Education/Receiving Schools - IEP Compliance
R2461.08 Special Education/Receiving Schools - In-Service Training
R2461 Special Education/Receiving Districts
2464 Gifted and Talented Pupils
R2464 Gifted and Talented Pupils
2466 Needless Public Labeling of Pupils with Disabilities
2467 Surrogate Parents and Foster Parents
2480 Alternative Schools/Programs
R2480 Alternative Schools/Programs
2481 Home or Out-of-School Instruction for General Education Pupils
2510 Adoption of Textbooks
2520 Instructional Supplies
2530 Resource Materials
2531 Use of Copyrighted Materials
R2531 Copying Copyrighted Materials
2560 Live Animals in School
R2560 Live Animals in School
2610 Educational Program Evaluation
2622 Pupil Assessment
2624 Grading System
R2624 Grading System
2631 New Jersey Quality Single Accountability Continuum (QSAC)
2700 Services to Nonpublic School Pupils