Policy Last Updated
6111 Special Education Medicaid Initiative (SEMI) Program
R6111 Special Education Medicaid Initiative (SEMI) Program
6112 Reimbursement of Federal and Other Grant Expenditures
R6112 Reimbursement of Federal and Other Grant Expenditures
6115.01 Federal Awards/Funds Internal Controls - Allowablility of Costs
6115.02 Federal Awards/Funds Internal Controls - Mandatory Disclosures
6115.03 Federal Awards/Funds Internal controls - Conflicts of Interest
6141 Tax Revenues
6150 Tuition Income
6160 Grants from Private Sources
R6160 Grants from Private Sources
6164 Advertising on School Buses
6210 Fiscal Planning
R6210 Fiscal Planning
6220 Budget Preparation
R6220 Budget Preparation
6230 Budget Hearing
6311 Contracts for Goods or Services Funded by Federal Grants
6320 Purchases Subject to Bid
R6320 Purchases Subject to Bid
6340 Multiple Year Contracts
R6340 Multiple Year Contracts
6350 Competitive Contracting
R6350 Competitive Contracting
6360 Political Contributions
6362 Contributions to Board Members and Contract Awards
6421 Purchases Budgeted
R6421 Purchases Budgeted
6422 Budget Transfers
R6422 Budget Transfers
6423 Expenditures for Non-Employee Activities, Meals and Refreshments
6424 Emergency Contracts
R6424 Emergency Contracts
6440 Cooperative Purchasing
6450 Choice of Vendor
6470 Payment of Claims
R6470 Payment of Claims
6471 School District Travel
R6471 School District Travel Procedures
6472 Tuition Assistance
6480 Purchase of Food Supplies
6510 Payroll Authorization
6511 Direct Deposit
6520 Payroll Deductions
6620 Petty Cash
R6620 Petty Cash
6630 Athletic Fund
6640 Cafeteria Fund
6660 Student Activity Fund
6700 Investments
6740 Reserve Accounts
R6740 Reserve Accounts
6810 Financial Objectives
R6810 Financial Objectives
6820 Financial Reports
6830 Audit and Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
6831 Withholding or Recovering State Aid
6832 Conditions of Receiving State Aid