Recent Policy Book Updates (last 6 months)

Policy Last Updated
1581 Domestic Violence
1648.11 The Road Forward COVID-19 - Health and Safety
2200 Curriculum Content
2260 Affirmative Action Program for School and Classroom Practices
2415.05 Student Surveys, Analysis and/or Evaluations
2415.30 Title I - Educational Stability For Children in Foster Care
2423 Bilingual and ESL Education
2431.4 Prevention and Treatment of Sports-Related Concussions and Head Injuries
R2431.4 Prevention and Treatment of Sports-Related Concussions and Head Injuries
2451 Adult High School
R2460.30 Additional/Compensatory Special Education and Related Services
2481 Home or Out-of-School Instruction for General Education Pupils
2622 Pupil Assessment
R2622 Student Assessment
3111 Creating Positions
3124 Employment Contract
3125 Employment of Teaching Staff Members
3125.2 Employment of Substitute Teachers
3134 Assignment of Extra Duties
3141 Resignation
3144 Certification of Tenure Charges
3144.12 Inefficiency of a Tenured Staff Member
3144.3 Suspension Upon Certification of Tenure Charge
3150 Discipline
3151 Employment Contract
3233 Political Activities
3245 Research Projects By Staff Members
3250 Hours and Days of Work
3283 Electronic Communications Between Teaching Staff Members and Students
3310 Academic Freedom
3340 Grievance
3370 Teaching Staff Member Tenure
3371 Short Tenure Period
3372 Teaching Staff Member Tenure Acquisition
3373 Tenure Upon Transfer or Promotion
3374 Tenure Upon Transfer to an Underperforming School
4124 Employment Contract
4151 Assessment of Pay
4159 Support Staff Member/School District Reporting Responsibilities
4212 Attendance
4240 Employee Training
4283 Electronic Communications Between Support Staff Members and Students
4360 Support Staff Member Tenure
5120 Assignment of Pupils
5308 Pupil Health Records
5460 High School Graduation
5512 Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying
5541 Anti-Hazing
5550 Disaffected Pupils
5750 Equal Educational Opportunity
5752 Marital Status and Pregnancy
5755 Equity in Educational Programs and Services
7540 Joint Use of Facilities
8465 Hate Crimes and Bias Incidents in Schools
R8465 Hate Crimes and Bias-Related Acts
8508 Lunch Offer Versus Serve
9150 School Visitors
R9150 School Visitors
9560 Administration of School Surveys