Policy Last Updated
Adoption Resolution
0110 Identification
0120 Authority and Powers
0131 Bylaws and Policies
0132 Executive Authority
0133 Adjudication of Disputes
0134 Board Self Evaluation
0141 Board Member Number and Term
0142 Board Member Qualifications, Prohibited Acts, and Code of Ethics
0142.1 Nepotism
0143 Member Election and Appointment
0143.2 Student Representatives to the Board of Education
0144 Board Member Orientation
0145 Board Member Resignation and Removal
0146 Board Member Authority
0147 Board Member Travel Expenses
0148 Board Member Indemnification
0151 Organization Meeting
0152 Board Officers
0153 Annual Appointments
0154 Annual Motions and Designations
0155 Board Committees
0157 Board of Education Website
0161 Call, Adjournment and Cancellation
0162 Notice of Board Meetings
0163 Quorum
0164 Conduct of Board Meetings
0165 Voting
0166 Private Meetings
0167 Public Participation in Board Meetings
0168 Recording Board Meetings
0169 Board Member Use of Electronic Mail/Internet
0169.02 Board Member Use of Social Networks
0170 Use of Electronic Devices by Board Members at Public Board Meetings
0171 Duties of President and Vice President
0172 Duties of Treasurer of School Monies
0173 Duties of Public School Accountant
0174 Legal Services
0175 Contracts with Independent Consultants
0176 Collective Bargaining and Contract Approval/Ratification
0177 Professional Services